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Finding the right graphic designer or web designer is like looking for someone to design your home. You want a style that looks attractive, but you also want one that suits your personality, works with your lifestyle, and doesn’t look like every other home in the neighborhood. Great results don’t just happen, they come from finding someone who has the education, the experience, and a genuine interest in you as a client. Your new website, logo, or print materials should also be fresh and eye-catching as well as representational of your business and services.

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Emagination Design takes an old school approach when it comes to customer service. Our business relationship begins with a casual and comfortable consultation over coffee to learn more about you, your business or project, and ultimately the goals that you want your marketing materials to accomplish.  You’re never treated like another account for the sales team, who benefit from selling you things that you don’t want or need. As a small company, our clients all receive personal service, sharing ideas directly with the person who is actually going to create their design. 

As a local business, we believe in supporting and promoting other local businesses and suppliers whenever possible. Emagination Design has worked with many local business and marketing professionals such as photographers, database designers, copy writers and search engine optimization specialists. If outsourcing is required for your project, local sources are considered first. Emagination Design has been a proud sponsor of many local non-profit organizations and events in the valley including the Comox Valley Hospice Society, Elevate the Arts, Voices Three, Strathcona Symphony Orchestra, and the Rainbow Youth Theatre.