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Frequently Asked Questions About Graphic Design

Many of our clients are new to business and we're excited to be a part of their start up plans. Here are just a few of the initial questions we hear about the process of putting together effective marketing materials and graphic design..

Why do I need to hire a professional graphic designer?

Professional graphic design incorporates more skills than desktop publishing, and adds an attractive and professional element to brochures, advertisements, posters, and other printed marketing materials. Advances in technology over the past few years have conditioned consumers to expect higher quality in marketing materials.  Many decisions that potential customers make about a company’s reliability and quality are based on first impressions, so choosing not to use the services of a professional graphic designer could have a negative impact.

Do I need to supply my own images for graphic design?

If you are promoting a product, you will have to provide us with high-resolution images of your products. Other images used can either be supplied by you, or we can source them for you. It is important that any images provided are of the highest quality possible so that they maintain their quality when they are resized or printed.  If you require professional photography, we can source that for you as well.

I need to get a brochure printed; do I need to supply my own text? 

No. Some of our clients provide their own text, while others find it difficult to write their own promotional materials. Effective promotional text is engaging and maintains a careful balance of information and emotion. Through a casual interview process we can provide an initial draft for you. You can let us know if you want any changes made, and we’ll provide revised text for your approval.

Do you supply the printing of business cards, rack cards, or brochures?

Yes, we can provide the printed product for your project, which is included in your quote.

Can I send the design file to someone else to be printed?

Yes you can, however there is a fee for transferring files to a third party.

How long does it usually take for my design to be completed?

You should allow 2-3 weeks from the date that we receive all of the information we need such as text, images, or logo.